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Online Consultations

Since 2018 SS Diets has offered online services to some people who live too far away, as per NSW Health and Medicare Guidelines.

Since COVID-19 though, Government guidelines around telehealth have changed and we can now (until July 2022 at least) offer telehealth to any Medicare registered person with exactly the same entitlements regarding both Medicare and Private Health Insurance Company Rebates (meaning you can claim exactly the same as though you were physically in our office).

We have found many of our clients actually prefer telehealth consultations. To get started just contact us.

Rural Areas

It is well known some areas in Australia find it difficult to access health services. Smaller populations mean smaller services, but that doesn’t mean you can’t access services.  At SS Diets we want to make sure everybody who needs us can access us.

How does this work?

At The Eatwise Clinic we use ZOOM. It’s like Skype, but easier to use and completely free. When you book your appointment just tell our friendly receptionists you need a ZOOM appointment and we’ll send you an email with all the information and login details. All you need is a computer with a functioning speaker and webcam.

Please note, as is the case with in-clinic appointments, sometimes things run a little over time. Don’t stress though, we will meet you online, we might just be a few minutes late.