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Penny Weigand, Bariatric Dietitian

Penny Weigand - Dietitian
02 8034 6465


Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics
University of Wollongong

Penny Weigand started her career over 10 years ago at Sydney Children’s Hospital however has pivoted into the field of adult weight loss surgery. She is now our local specialist bariatric dietitian.

She has worked closely with several of Australia’s top bariatric surgeons at both St George Private and Hurstville Community Hospitals. She is experienced in supporting clients from pre-surgery nerves right through to post-op recovery. Penny can support you well beyond the initial recovery from surgery and understands that the real challenge is in maintaining any long term weight loss.

Are you thinking about having weight loss surgery and confused about what life after surgery would look like? Will you be able to eat out again? How will it impact your social life? Perhaps you’ve heard stories about post-operative successes (or failures) from friends or family and want to clear up what’s true and what’s not.

Penny can provide answers both backed by science, as well as drawing on her extensive experience. She can support you to avoid failures and increase the success of your surgery.

Penny will guide you through the initial consultation, pre and post-operative diets and can provide ongoing support for years to come. Do you feel you need more postoperative nutritional support than your surgeon offered? Maybe you can’t find a dietitian who understands post-surgery life? Penny is certainly our specialist dietitian in weight loss surgery.  

Penny believes in attention to detail, she will monitor your pathology (blood tests) to make sure there are no undiagnosed micronutrient deficiencies and will ensure you know how to resolve them. 

Penny also maintains a special interest in supporting women who wish to fall pregnant (or are pregnant) after having had bariatric surgery. She can support women who are pregnant with sensations of ‘less restriction’ and ensure they meet all their nutritional needs for themselves and their baby. 


If you’d like to get in contact with Penny, feel free to fill in the form below and she’ll reply as soon as possible.