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We are able to provide either one-off or repeated menu reviews for your organisation. Menu reviews are important to ensure the menu and meals provided to your audience (be they residents, patients, children or students) meet the necessary macro (big) and micro (small) nutrient requirements.

NDIS Approved Dietitian Services

Yes, we are an NDIS registered and verified provider! We have been working as NDIS Dietitians for the past 5 years with clients from a variety of backgrounds. Our services are fully funded under the NDIS when therapeutic supports are included in your NDIS Plan.

We are an experienced team of specialist NDIS dietitians who can help you to understand how to maximise your nutrition intake to match your health and well-being and reduce any complications that can be caused by your disability. 

Dietitian services are covered in your NDIS plan under either “Assistance with Daily Life”, “Improved Daily Living” or “Health and Well-Being”.

Our team of expert NDIS dietitians have all worked in local hospitals and have excellent understanding and experience with all aspects of health and medicine including tube feeding (all types of feeding tubes).

Our dietitians are all verified by NDIS, with the appropriate Criminal Record Check (CRC) and Working with Children Checks (WWCC). We can offer 1-on-1 home visits, telehealth appointments or consultations in either of our rooms at Kogarah or Sutherland, NSW.

How can we help you?

Dietitians are important to support people living with a disability for a range of reasons including:

• Education to implement a nutritious diet
• Diet strategies to increase (or decrease) weight which impacts on social independence
• Monitoring and supporting growth in children and teenagers
• Monitoring and reviewing any approved restrictive practice policy
• Prevention (or treatment) of pressure wounds/injuries (due to immobility)
• Menu development and/or review of group home facilities
• Management of gastro-intestinal dysfunction (diarrhoea/constipation)
• Management of any swallowing difficulties
• Tube feeding 
• Fussy eating or restrictive choices leading to a risk of nutritional deficiency
• Treatment and monitoring of eating disorders as well as disordered eating behaviours and beliefs.

Next Steps...

To book an appointment for a Dietitian please call us on 02 8034 6465, book online or email us directly

To smooth the process kindly ALSO complete our Dietitian Customer Intake Form and email it to us to ensure we can write the Service Level Agreement required by the NDIS.