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Menu review

We are able to provide either one-off or repeated menu reviews for your organisation. Menu reviews are important to ensure the menu and meals provided to your audience (be they residents, patients, children or students) meet the necessary macro (big) and micro (small) nutrient requirements.

Group learning

Group homes are supported living accommodation facilities for people with a variety of disabilities. They vary significantly from house to house, including numbers of residents and level of support provided. Not to mention the variety of cultural backgrounds and taste preferences of the residents who reside within the facility. There is also a wide distribution of cooking skills and nutritional understanding of the support staff.

We will come out to your home, meet with all the residents (and families if preferred) and staff, find out about your current routine and what you are looking to achieve. It is typical to develop seasonal menus, with a different menu for both the Sumer and Winter months.

We work with you, your clients and your staff to develop a structured menu (of 1 week, 2 weeks or 4 weeks) including the preferences and ‘treats’ requested by your clients. Each facility is different and requires individual consultation to assess what is needed and how to best go about successfully implementing change.

Most facilities, in our experience, prefer a rather routine breakfast (with different options each day), light lunch options and vastly different menu options for dinner, (not unlike most households). However, we have also had some preference for the ‘main meal’ to be the lunchtime meal and we can adjust depending on your individual facility.

Nursing homes

It’s been reported that up to 72% of residents in aged care facilities in Australia are malnourished which means it’s critically important the nutritional needs of residents are met and food and drinks offered which are appropriate for this at-risk population.

Nutrition screening and monitoring are vitally important core components of care. With the Royal Commission into Aged Care final report due in late February 2021, addressing nutritional adequacy and quality will be a key recommendation and require significant investment for all organisations.  

If you need a nutrition policy developed and written, menu and recipes reviewed or routine nutritional screening and monitoring we can assist you to provide these systems and processes in consultation with your staff for your entire organisation.

Early childhood centres

Under the Education and Care Services National Regulations, if a service provides food and drinks, they must be nutritious and adequate in quantity to take into account dietary requirements appropriate to each child’s growth and development needs and any specific cultural, religious or health needs.  Our experienced team of dietitians can review your food and beverage policy and make recommendations as indicated to better improve the drinks, snacks and meals you provide to your children. 

If you need recipes reviewed, a whole menu developed or an entire nutrition policy written (or reviewed) we can help. Particularly given our experienced dietitians who have previously worked at Sydney Kids Hospital Randwick and the fact we are mostly all mothers, ensures we are very practical in our approach.