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Helped Me Find Me

Every now and then .. you meet someone and you realise .. you were meant to meet. Alex .. I know my journey is in its infancy .. but I just wanted to take the time to say THANK YOU .. you have given me hope when I didn’t think there was anything to hope for .. you’ve given me strength when I’ve felt weak .. You’ve helped me find beauty when all I saw was Ugly .. You helped me become workout girl .. when all I felt like was fat treadmill chick .. You’ve given me back to my family when they thought I’d slipped away .. But most of all .. you’ve helped me find me again .. when I thought I was lost for good .. Thank you for being so much more than a Dietitian .. Thank you!!!! xx


Took The Time To Explain

I was fortunate to have been given a recommendation by a friend and colleague to see Alex and I am so glad I did that I now wish to pay it forward and do for others.  Trust and relationship are important to be able to comfortably discuss private matters and for many of us, our dietary habits or challenges are private. Visting Alex even for the first time was like visiting a friend. Alex is welcoming, approachable and incredibly knowledgable. The slight adjustments to my diet were easy to understand and follow. Alex took the time to explain things and I learned a whole lot about nutrition that will stay with me for life. In particular, a better understanding of confusing food labels and RDIs for better well being. I am forever grateful.


Thinks Outside The Box

Dear Alex,

I am so very grateful to have you as a part of my treatment team. You have always been empathetic and listened to me, but have also challenged me in ways that have helped me to have breakthroughs. I appreciate how you think outside the box in order to come up with new strategies for me, which help me to keep moving forward in my healing. There is still work to do, but it feels so much more possible with you by my side.


Genuine Caring Nature

Hi Penny,

I would just like to thank the angel in my life for her help throughout the year, whilst I have a special spot up near the star on the Christmas Tree on Christmas Day for her to have a rest and keep an eye on me from afar, I am sure that the next day she will find her way back down onto my shoulder.  Your genuine caring nature has made a difference to my health. Thank You.


Proud Mum

Hi Alexandra,

Thank you so much for seeing us today. Sarah left so happy and eager to start the plan. I was worried about how she would respond, everything at the age of 14 can be difficult. Your approach to her made her feel important and valued. Thank you for your kind and helpful words.

Nina (Proud Mum)

Healthy Lifestyle

Hi Penny,

Today I saw my GP who told me I am the healthiest I’ve ever been! I am still walking 5 days/week, using my pedometer and following the low GI plan we discussed. I really believe I can continue this forever. I am never going to be “perfect”, but I can be “splendid” (your words, not mine) most of the time :-).  I would like to thank you for your guidance in bringing me (and my family) into a healthy lifestyle.