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12 Ways To Spot A Fad Diet

SS Diets 12 Ways To Spot A Fad Diet (620x930)

There are soooo many diets on the market. So many, in fact, that there is probably a specific diet that will “cure” just about every issue under the sun. Put simply, a lot of these are dangerous and, in the end, not in the least bit helpful. So, how can you tell a fad diet that’s likely to do more harm than good? Keep reading for 12 ways to spot a fad diet…

  1. Diet’s that claim to be the “magic solution” or quick fix
  2. Diets that tout “X” kg weight loss in “Y” period of time
  3. Advice that is overly restrictive or excludes whole food groups or entire nutrients
  4. Diets that overemphasise a particular nutrient – Eg. a High Protein diet
  5. Diets which won’t work if you ever eat out
  6. Diets that lack real scientific evidence backing them up
  7. The author is famous for something other than qualifications in Nutritional Science
  8. If you couldn’t eat like that for the next few decades, it’s probably a trend
  9. Very rigid menus and recipes including a bunch of ingredients you’ve never heard of 
  10. On-selling “lotions and potions” such as protein powders, supplements, teas or formulas
  11. Celebrity endorsed diets and book sales
  12. Diets that dismiss the need for exercise

So, Where To From Here?

If you come across a diet that touches on any of the above 12 points, steer clear of it. If you’re still not sure then get in contact with us. If you’re looking for helpful, evidence-based information about dietetic issues, follow SS Diets on social media (Facebook or Instagram) or subscribe to Nutrition News for a monthly dose delivered to your inbox. You can also check out Dietitians Australia for a heap of great info!